Grow your hair silky as a peach


      Ashley was always determined, hard-working, thoughtful, and a go getter. Ashley was always destined to be her own boss! When she was younger she had many businesses. She sold handmade jewelry,desserts, water ice and pretzels. Ashley always had a passion for hair as well, when she was younger Ashley and her older sister always made “shampoo” out of berries and flowers. They would crush the berries and flowers up, add water  in a bag and call it shampoo. Being a determined kid helped shape Ashley into the young woman she is today! Ashley is a fierce 22 year old boss that is working for everything that she deserves. She is a recent college graduate from Neumann University, she has a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Finance. 

     In 2016 Ashley thought about selling hair extensions, but did not do much research on it.  At the time she didn’t think she was capable of running a business, and she would often doubt herself.  Ashley would always say that she wanted to have her own business, but never put in the work to have one. Then in 2019 Ashley  started to use more positive affirmations and started planning for her business. She then finally had the courage to create Just Peachy LLC. In September 2020 Just Peachy LLC started to operate. It took a lot to start her business, but she never gave up! She started her business and it  shows that anyone is capable of being a CEO! Just have Faith and believe in yourself and everything will work out.  Ashley is proud of all her accomplishments thus far! 

      Just Peachy LLC comes from Peaches which was a childhood nickname given to Ashley from her Pop-Pop, he was Ashley's role model. That nickname stuck with her. Then in December 2019 her parents gifted her a Just Peachy pillow, and she just knew that would be the name of her business. Just Peachy LLC is a business that will empower and uplift everyone.